• 22 December 2023
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What sort of performance do most get?


1st 3 months mine was great - 200-300 Mbps.  Now, mostly terrible.  Some days it might be in the mid-200 range but most of the time it is below 20 Mbps.  One day it was 0.5 Mbps.  Today 8 Mbps.


Is this typical?  Customer support reps say that I am, “Getting what is expected.”  Read an article somewhere that 31 Mbps is guaranteed.  Really not useable when around 20 Mbps.

1 reply

Never seen higher than 200 most of the time I get 40 mbp unless it 4 in the morning. Two weeks ago it went to less than 30 all the time. You can use it on maybe two devices. Its got bad may have to get something else. If they would tell you why your slow but all they do is play games. Mmost of the time it seems like