Received postal mail for another T-Mobile Home Internet Customer

  • 23 June 2023
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Mailing was addressed to my home but to someone named Gabriella Maconi. 

It confirmed she is a T-Mobile Home internet customer and pitched her to switch her phone service to a T-Mobile 55+ plan.

Computers don’t just make up mailing addresses or accidentally use an address for another customer, so clearly T-Mobile files had her living at my address. 

So, I reported this and T-Mobile didn’t understand why I was calling but assured me it must be that she lived at this address at some time. Problem with that is I had this home built 36 years ago and my family has been the only occupant.

Not very comforting that T-Mobile would have no concern or want to follow up on why their files had my address for another T-Mobile customer. My luck, she will be wanted by the FBI who can’t find her until they get an address from T-Mobile and perform a no-knock breach of my home. LoL 

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