Tmobile Sales Rep Accessories SCAM

  • 13 May 2023
  • 1 reply


Tmobile Sales rep on the phone scammed me and added extra accessories to my account without my knowledge and now Tmobile is forcing me to keep these products that I did not ask for!!! I've called Tmobile several times to complain about this without a resolution. I will seek legal action if this is not taken care of. Now I'm finding out this is a common practice at Tmobile where these reps add extra accessories for commission. Tmobile is supporting this scam too by not doing anything about it!!! I'm reporting this to the BBB.

1 reply

I got scammed twice in a month.

First I bought a iphone 12 pro and when I bought it I asked him can i change it in when iphone 15 pro max comes in . He says yes there is a 15 days cutomer dissatisfaction policy so I did it in 10 days than I contaced customer service they told me to send the phone after i get the new iphone 15 pro max . They charged me full price for 15 pro max and I alrwady paid full when I bought the 12 pro so they only gave me $ 440 credit .


Second the sales rep said its cheaper than previous plan so I changed it used it for 2 months after that I got the $ 440 credit my plan automatically became double than before so that they can burn the credit down. So when I contaced customer service oh there is a plan fee for $250 this at that. how come they gave me that same plan for two months without that $ 250.


Have been in tmobile for 7 years had enough of its scams.