• 28 January 2023
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good morning

My name is Heimar Murcia and I have been a loyal customer of T Mobile for more than 15 years. I personally consider that the product that you offer to the market is a very good quality product, excellent and I could say that it is currently the best. Unfortunately, in my personal opinion, I believe that they have completely neglected the most important resource of any company, THE HUMAN RESOURCE, and it is thanks to this that I have made the difficult decision to move to one side of your company and find another that will help me. offer something similar to what I have, basically, on the recommendation of the people you have in the customer service line. Here the situation presented in my account,

A couple of years ago, I went to a T Mobile store to find out about a product that offered WI FI for my vehicle, due to a personal situation, I had to move for long days and someone recommended that I buy it, the employee of the the first thing he did at the store was to assign a new line to my account because it was necessary for the functionality of the equipment, although I went to the store to find out, I was not sure what to buy, so I decided to wait a while longer, the line stayed with me in my account and received a charge for it, after a couple of months I realized this situation, call 611 and there, diligently, they removed the charge, but the customer service agent advised me not to remove the account number, because at some point I might need it and that this would not generate any cost to me and it was done; It was in April 2022 when I finished paying 100% of the equipment on my account. I called T mobile to discuss buying one of the updated equipment, there a sales agent offered me the following: make a plan change, which allowed me to obtain an additional line, which comes with one of the simplest phones, FREE, in any case I was never going to use that phone, because I don't need it, but it gives me the other part of the offer, to get the latest model of Iphone 13 , for each of the existing lines, at a rate of $1000 dollars each, but there was a promotion at the time that offered a discount of $700 dollars on the second device. The additional cost would be the value that would increase when making the change of plan $ 20 dollars a month approx. I thought it was a good deal and so it was.

A few months later I realized that: they were charging me an additional line of $20 dollars, they were charging me $8.50 a month for a phone that was free, nothing serious, but unfair, because it was something different from what was offered. I contact customer service and with each call, things got worse, they couldn't find the promotion, they didn't understand what was happening, one of them told me that they were going to escalate the problem, they all told me, yes You don't feel good about this, you can close the account, but they didn't solve anything, until on the penultimate call, the agent decided to correct everything, canceled the two phone numbers, removed the payment for the equipment that was free and left me Knowing that they would punish me, for doing that, not allowing me to take promotions for the next 90 days, it seemed fair to me and I accepted. On the bill for the following month, the current one, I realize that after the changes, which would lead me to have a discount on my bill of $8.50, the value went up by $50 dollars, so I decide to call 611 again, there he answers me a girl named Laura, I explain everything to her, I let her know my annoyance and she, very judicious, clarifies me, for canceling the numbers, she charges me a proration of 25 dollars for each one, for which I did not pay anything, and that additionally I had to pay for the phone, which was free, but worst of all, when I canceled the lines, I lost the $700 dollar promotion discount on the phones I had purchased, so finally my account was going to increase at $30 dollars a month. She let her know of my disagreement and she, very serene, like some of the previous agents, recommended "if she doesn't like it, close the account" and that is what I am definitely going to do, CLOSE THE ACCOUNT.

In summary and to finish, for trying to fix a simple mess of $8.50: I earned a charge of $30 dollars that I am not going to accept, I must cancel the value of the equipment in full $1500 dollars, I have to go to a lesser quality company, Tmobile loses a customer of 15 years and an account of $ 250 dollars a month, plus all the accounts of my family members, my partners, my close friends, my employees and acquaintances, who as their employees they did with me, I highly recommend "CLOSE THE ACCOUNT IN TMOBILE". all this because of a poor training of the customer service staff.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Good afternoon, I would like to report a bad experience on the part of the employee GREG M at the 1520 Stoneridge mall rd store, I went to pick up a device that t mobile had sent me for exchange and I was very humiliated by him treating me with little respect and being super nervous without any kind of emotional control to work with the public even his work friends he distracts and everyone is afraid of him.  I made another purchase of a JBL and my friend made a plan with one of the other employees who was the one who apologized and tried to help us.  I'm writing this email because I don't think it's fair to have people like that in the job market, I'm from Brazil and I've been working with people for over 20 years and I can't stand injustice and discrimination. Something has to be done. a more harmonious climate in the work environment, thank you in advance.  he did not deliver my delivery I had to call the customer service asking another store to receive it there is no total disregard😭