Be Sure To Screenshot Your Chat Conversations With T-Mobile

  • 9 February 2024
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I’ve been dealing with a billing issue since 10/20/23. And each and every month the same issue remains despite promises to fix it forcing me to waste time and energy each month to resolve it via chat and phone call. They waste my time, attempt to gaslight me, apologize, provide a billing credit, and promise the issue will be permanently fixed or promise to submit a request to resolve the issue and call me back.  

Fortunately, I’ve learned to keep my own records of customer service chats as T-Mobile promptly deleted all of my chat history related to this matter. This allows me to provide them with proof to squash their gaslighting.  Even with the records, the problem remains unresolved and the $20 credit each month can’t make up for the average 45 minutes with customer no-service. 

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