Billed for phone I have returned and reconnection fees

  • 20 February 2024
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I actually thought this issue couldn't possibly be something that is common with T-Mobile. I have been charged for phones that I have returned. I tried to return the phones at a T-Mobile store. I was told the store does not accept the returned phones. I was instructed to bring the phones to UPS with the return label and box that T-Mobile provided. I then did so that same day. I was then billed for both phones $2,400.00. 

I called and provided the tracking number and UPS confirmed phones was delivered to dock in Texas, and was sent within the 14day time period. The T-Mobile representative stated that they received the phones and that have just not been processed. We decided to turn off auto payment so, I wouldn't pay for phones while in process. The T-Mobile representative instructed me to continue with my regular payments and the $10 dollar auto-pay will be credited to me at a latter date and my account will not be turned off. I said great in-reply when asked if they can count on me referring T-Mobile. 

Thereafter,  seemingly at weekly basis for 2 to 3 months my account is turned off. I would call every time (hours) and the T-Mobile representative would respond with. Sorry, we received the phones but my account has not been credited.

The T-Mobile representative would turn my account back on and said no reconnection fee will be charged and they will start a investigation and/or wait for completion and/or speak with back office and respond. 

To date, I have been billed many times for reconnection fees and have not been credited for the 10 dollar auto-pay nor the phones.  

I then decided to give up, considering I rely on the phone to be working for my business with clients on different time zones.  This issue had an effect on my business and alarm system.

I called to cancel and asked for the phone that I paid in full to be unlocked. The T-Mobile representative stated that I must pay for the other two phones and bring the account in good standing. 

So, apparently I need to pay T-Mobile $2,400 for one phone to be unlocked that I already paid for.

Hmmm, thoughts anyone 🤔 maybe this is how  T-Mobile gets free phones to offer free phones?

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