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  • 12 February 2023
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As a 6 year plus business customer I called yesterday to cancel two internet towers. I have three and due to compacting our ships I don’t need two of the 3. 

after the CS rep started asking me why I don’t need them and trying to talk me out of keeping them - I firmly stated I need them cancelled. 

he verified after looking both were cancelled but told me I’d still be charged the 110 for this month and offered to look at my account to see if money could be saved.. after 10 or so minutes of figuring out that he could save me 30 BUT reduce my services I stated I could do better else where and I would be shopping around. He then stated he could take a look at that 110 I’d be paying and could get rid of that…. 

wait…. If you could get rid of it now, you could have gotten rid of it at the start.. that was a red flag… I discontinued the call. T-Mobile then sent me that feed back text. I filled it out. 

today I get a call from T-Mobile - a lady. Asking about my feedback and if there’s anything I want to add. I told her my concerns. She then stated looking at my account - the rep DID NOT discontinue the two towers… so I told her, I’ll be paying the new charges off this week, or next and I am now actively shopping for a new carrier. 

this is obviously over seas CS that like to talk over you, do not do what they say and when business is diwn due to towers going through constant maintenance or trouble.. no.. T-Mobile, this long time business account has had enough! 

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