Business T-Mobile ID does not work on -Oops there was a poroblem!

  • 25 August 2022
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Are Business T-Mobile ID’s integrated with the rest of the T-Mobile ID system?

I was trying to check on the status of my Promotions and I am prompted to login. However, the ID I use for my business account on the T-Mobile Account Hub will not work for checking promotion status.

I encounter three different scenarios:
-If I select I am a Business, I forwarded on from the promotions page directly to my Account Hub and do not see any promotions.

-If I say I have a T-Mobile ID and enter my Business Account Hub email, it says I need a T-mobile ID and asks me to link it to my phone number. It them wants to verify the last 4 of my Social Security which does not work. I do get a verification text when I do this.

-If I try to setup a new T-Mobile ID I also get the Oops there is a problem message.

1 reply


I have tried with the Support Team of Experts and have confirmed that Business T-Mobile ID’s cannot access 

or and the numbers cannot be re-linked to the T-Mobile ID’s. Also, a new T-Mobile Business ID does not help.

The Team of Experts said they will escalate this issue to the appropriate department, to fix the website.

A Business T-Mobile ID works fine, however, to connect to

I contacted the Rebate team for assistance and they were able help me, however.