• 12 June 2023
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My Tmobile account got sent over to a collection agency and i was wondering, if i pay the collection agency off in full will i be able to get my Tmobile cellular service back on? How long will it take after i pay the collection agency to get Tmobile service back on my phone?


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Once the debt is paid, you can go through the steps to open a new account, which will include a credit check for postpaid accounts.  There might be a deposit required or co-signer needed due to you previously having an account closed and sent to collections for non-payment.  Once an account is closed, the phone numbers are put back into the pool of numbers to be assigned to other customers.  The number you had previously may no longer be available, if you want the same number you previously had. 

Calling Customer Care, reaching out to T-Mobile through a DM on Facebook or Twitter, or visiting your local T-Mobile store would be the best way to find out all of what would be required to start service with T-Mobile once again.