How to get a copy of your Equipment Installment Plan?

  • 8 June 2023
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Does anyone else have a problem getting Documents from T-Mobile Support, Stores or Business Experts?

On May 26th I purchased a new iPad with a discount of $230 if I put it on 24 payments.  The store couldn’t send me the electronic documents I esigned that day.  3 people in the store, and 2 others over the phone looked at it.  Final out come, give it 24 -48 hours for everything to be available online and because it was a business purchase I should call the “Business Experts” on Monday.


[T-Mobile Email and Text Paragraph]

“  Thanks for being part of T-Mobile! Head over to t‑ to find all account-related documents from your recent T-Mobile transaction. You'll need a My T-Mobile account to view your documents, but don't worry––it's a quick and easy set-up!   ”


So I followed up Monday afternoon, May 29th.  I called the “Business Experts” as the Store requested. They started with thanking me for being a customer over the years and Sorry that I am experiencing issues with their services.  After of over  2 hours of me asking how to find the documents, and them of sending me the same texts and emails ( they sent the same emails and texts multiple times ) and their solution was to go back to the store.  Their statement because it was a Store Business Purchase the “Business Experts” could not access nor download and email the documents.

Ok so they all point at each other -- “Store says -- NOT Me”  “Business Experts -- NOT Me”.

Not being satisfied with either groups answers, I knew there was Web Chat support I could try.  After all, I usually can’t get to someone that can actually do something without first talking with 6 or more people. So on to the Web Chat.

They started with thanking me for being a customer, and sorry that I am having issues.  The issues will quickly be resolved.  Well, Web Chat seemed to have a better understanding of what was going on, but the cycle of “Business Experts” did appear.  They too sent me emails with the links embedded, where they claimed the documents would be attached.  They did seem to understand that I was attempting to access this data from different resources, my Samsung Android 13 phone, a iPhone 12 IOS v 16.4, Windows 10 Pro with Chrome, Firefox and Edge, Windows 11 Pro with Chrome, Firefox and Edge.  I also was using T-Mobile mobile data, and also 2 different ISPs Spectrum and AT&T to confirm the issues were not related to a specific ISP.  

Each agent did want to thank me for being a customer, and did not want me to have a bad experience with them.  All though noone was on the issue long, they have the text read to insert in the chat.  It was repeated so many times,  I assume someone at T-Mobile defined a hot key to inserting each time they open a chat.

The Web Chat group kept saying it was my app that had issues, so I reset the T-Mobile app on the Samsung, which was a T-Mobile phone, so I could not uninstall it.  They were confused about why it would not uninstall.  When I blamed it on T-Mobile, they took offense.  But on the iPhone which came from another cell provider, I was unable to completely uninstall and reinstall the T-Mobile App.  Neither made any change in responses or actions of the Apps.  Both phones were having issues pulling up the Billing section of the app.

Then while working with the Web Chat group, I was looking at Facebook and found a T-Mobile support group that did Facebook and Twitter. The FB/T group seemed to be useful at first, but like the other groups I was passed on to other agents and there was no continuity between Agents.  The interesting part is the FB/T group can accept documents, screen grabs & etc so your are able to better communicate with them. But most of the time you only get 1 or 2 chances to get the Agent to work with me and I would get pushed on. They began to understand there were a lot of items that did not work correctly in the App and Web Portal.  So they were going to push this to a higher tech level.  This is how the last Agent left the session on Monday night. (Quoted from the Messenger Chat) 


[T-Mobile FB/T Agent]

“  I am truly sorry about this experience and we absolutely appreciate your time and patience. I am so glad that you received the information you requested. However, my job isn't over yet. I am going to make sure that your T-Mobile account issues are fixed so that you can view your account details as needed. I have submitted a ticket over to my support partners to dig into this further and to assist in providing a full resolution. I can assure you that you are in good hands. The ticket process can take up to 3 business days. I am not in the office on tomorrow, but if it's okay, I would like to reach out to you on Thursday to provide updates regarding a resolution. Will that be okay? “


My answer was yes of course I would like to get some of these things resolved. After all they sounded sincere. 

So Thursday comes, well the last agent I talked with who promised to get with me on Thursday, was not available on Thursday so I had to start with someone new.

Another day of explaining please review the previous messages to find out what has already been covered. They table it to Tuesday to give their techs a chance to look at the issues.

Tuesday, again a new agent, time to start over again because the previous agents I had some success with were not available to me. So a new agent who explained to me that the texts and emails from T-Mobile were misleading.   The word document did not mean document it meant the website.


[T-Mobile Email and Text Paragraph]

“  Thanks for being part of T-Mobile! Head over to t‑ to find all account-related documents from your recent T-Mobile transaction. You'll need a My T-Mobile account to view your documents, but don't worry––it's a quick and easy set-up!   ”


Sorry the above phrase from the emails and texts is not that long, and the words are not that complex. It truly sounded easy. 

Today (Wednesday - a full 13 days later ) Wild News!!  I misunderstood the words in the emails.  They did not mean what it says.  There are no documents to access on the web portal.  Business Customers can’t access any documents.  There is no reason a customer would want a copy of the document.  These are financial documents that the companies are bound to, but not accessible. 

Only T-Mobile can access these document, but you have to specifically let them know the document you think you deserve a copy of. 

So I set out to find the names of the documents that T-Mobile uses when someone purchases a device and adds a line to their agreement.  I was able to find 6 such document. 

The T-Mobile Agents could not tell me anything about these documents.

I made a list and made the request to have them emailed to me. Guess what, after a few hours I got an email with 6 .png files attached.  Each file contained only the first page of each document. These documents have more than 1 page and some even list the number of pages on the first page, but T-Mobile agents thought this would be ok, after all I just requested the document, not each complete or entire document.

So I had to make another request for these specific documents by name, asking for a complete document in its entirety. And now after 13 days and many different times of being thanked for being a customer, and so sorry about having an issue, and this is not the experience they want me to have.

It happened.  

I received an email from T-Mobile.  It had 6, count them 6 .pdf documents attached. These do look to be valid and complete documents as best as I can understand.  The actual documents that I should have received 13 days ago, or be able to access on the Business web portal.   

Of course I’m still wondering, if the paragraph in the 16 emails and 6 texts that I received:

[T-Mobile Email and Text Paragraph]

“  Thanks for being part of T-Mobile! Head over to t‑ to find all account-related documents from your recent T-Mobile transaction. You'll need a My T-Mobile account to view your documents, but don't worry––it's a quick and easy set-up!   ”

If that paragraph is not correct, what other paragraphs in these documents is not correct?  How do I trust the communications from T-Mobile or their agents, as the past two weeks have shown me, there are so many statements I see that are not correct, or have a variety of caveats, and foot notes.

I will never look at any T-Mobile communication the same way again. 

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