is the 30$ promotion a scam?

  • 29 November 2023
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I’ve had the home internet since about 2 years ago and I paid 50$. 

the 30$ promotion started and I called to have a cut on my bill and the customer service rep. told me I need it 2 more bill cycles to have the promotion active. 

6 months passed and I never received my promotion of 30$ home internet. 

just about a year and a half passed after the promotion and a friend got the home internet after I recommended it to him. He mentions that he pays 30$. 

I checked the bill and I have been billed 45 with a lame 5$ autopay discount on it for about 17 months. 

ok I’m really mad at the moment and decided calling customer service to ask for the promotion and I guess some credit since many months ago and the lady tells me that she can give me just the activation of the 30$ promotion for now and maybe a 2 month refund.

At this moment I feel worst as an 6 year old T-Mobile customer than new ones. I will make sure to get this everywhere, I saw many Reddit posts about the same so must likely I will try to maybe sue them with the million of people that has had the same experience like me and for the worst customer service in this world. 

I will add that I will make sure to get this review everywhere so they know who tricky and false it’s T-Mobile and it’s promotions and how they treat the customers. 

Just in case anyone asks, I fulfill all the conditions that you had in the little words of your false promotion, thank you T-Mobile! 

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