Problem with your new terms of service

  • 27 February 2024
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I have heard and you have confirmed in response to other users that T-Mobile’s Terms Of Service Agreement will be imposing a fine of thousands of dollars per incident, if the user texts or shares content YOU don’t agree with. That is not acceptable. But you said it was not against a normal user just businesses and mass texts. Although that is not clear in your TOS and still means we are also under the same rule IF you decide to implement it. Seeing everything going on with the news media, social media falsely pushing lies and even socially engineered  attacks and compliance, I am sorry I don’t trust that T Mobile will do the right thing. Don’t get me started on the lies surrounding covid, and other politicized events.   My question is this are you going to modify the wording so the average person feels safe or is half of your users going to drop you once they realize the power you have taken for yourselves?   Another question I am not sure if this is speculation or not, but they said you are going to require we take our smart phones everywhere we go or we could also be fined. Is that true?  We usually take the phone everywhere but I will not have a company that I pay tell me I have to do anything.


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That is for companies who send out mass emails or sms and to stop spam.

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Looks like social media pushed some lies. 


That’s what I hear, but does it say that? 

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Look at the pinned response from our Tmobile mod.