Proposal Not Honored, Salesperson MIA

  • 22 September 2022
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I received an aggressive proposal from a T-Mobile sales rep to switch my business lines from Verizon. I was given a proposal in writing via email to pay off all of my equipment with Verizon (6 total devices), and also told that if I signed before the end of the month that I would receive my first two months free.


I received a portion of the device buyout as a visa gift card, but was told that my 6th device buyout would be paid off as a credit on my bill. My sales rep eventually said that his manager approved the credits and that it would apply within a couple of weeks. It has now been 3 months since he said this, and 6 months since I began service. Now I cannot reach said rep by phone or email. Lots of emails and voicemails that do not get answered. I am missing more than $800 worth of promised, in writing credits. 


How do I get this resolved? More importantly, how can I hold this rep responsible to honor what was offered. It has become more of a principle thing to me personally. 

7 replies

Good luck!  I also have been denied promotions promised by my rep.  I’ve been calling and emailing T-Mobile and all the say is basically “too bad, so sad”.  

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Try reaching out to the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter to see if they can help sort everything out for you.  You probably won’t get what you were promised but at least T-Mobile can hopefully get in touch with someone to reprimand that rep.  

Reprimanding the rep doesn’t help me fulfill the contracts I made based on her incorrect description of my plan!  

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The T-Force support team is a higher tier of support and if there are records they can review them.

No help from the T-Force support team, HOWEVER my in-store rep was able to correct the situation and fulfill the commitments.  I am now satisfied.


Stuck in similar situation. My sales/transition representatives kept promising the credits will post and now they are trying to wiggle their way out by suggesting we did not migrate services correctly despite their involvement at each step of the transition !!!!

6 months in - NO resolution for us us yet !

Does someone know who or where I can send an email regarding business internet service. At the end of September, I tried the business' internet service, it didn't work out for me way to slow. I called to cancel on 10/10 prior to the free look offer expiring, the sales rep talked me into trying a new router and I was working under what he emailed me about it being a free trail agreement and how T-Mobile would take care of any charges. I sent him an email on 10/21 that the new router was still slow and I canceled the service. T-Mobile charged me $217.75 in November. I didn't pay, they shut my cell service off which the account is in my personal name, the business internet was under my corporate name, I don't know why they merged the accounts. I did pay to get my cell service restored even though I didn't think I owed it.


Today I get another bill for $153.33, I haven't used T-Mobile for internet service since early October, all of the equipment was returned as well. 


T-Mobile business internet customer service was not very helpful. Any assistance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.