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  • 12 September 2023
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I had TMobile for many many years. I was a loyal paying customer. I left T-Mobile in December when I got married and joined my husband’s account. I tried to login for a final bill but my account had not more access immediately. I never received an email or phone call. My last bill went to a very very old address and was forwarded to me. I paid the bill with Tmobile.

I am not purchasing a home after a divorce and was told this shows up on my credit report because I was sent to collections! This is the only hit on my credit report in 20+ years and is dropping my score by 60-80 points! I would love to have this removed or to receive a letter of deletion for this on my credit report. 


How can I go about fixing this?


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you’ll need to contact TMO either by calling in (tier 1 support) or by one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter (tier 2 support).


if its already in collections though i dont think you contact’ll be whomever has your debt now if im thinking right