T-Mobile Business Internet is worse that their home Internet.

  • 24 April 2023
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Hello all. I have been testing out the Home Internet and the Business Internet through T-Mobile. I started with the Home Internet, but I could not run my server because of the port forwarding issue. I have done research on the business Internet and found that if I switch to the business Internet that would be better because I could get a static IP and I can use my router for the port forwarding. To make a long story short I received an inseego fx2000 and pulled less on this device than I did with the home internet. The Inseego is very low quality and has small internal antennas. The antenna ports on the back of the Inseego do not work with the frequencies of T-mobile so there are no ways we can get a better connection to the tower. I’m 1.2 miles away from my tower and with T-Mobiles free devices only give me on a good day 250 mg on download and 9 mg on an upload. Most of the time I get 150 mg download and 5mg upload. I also tried the cradle point device and saw it cost $35.00 a month extra and I received the same speed test as the Inseego so I sent it back. At this point, I have received poor tech support from T-Mobile and a poor representative. We are a nonprofit organization and need to save money but at the same time at this point, I’m upset that T-Mobile does not treat a business situation better than what I have been treated. T-Mobile has sent multiple devices out thinking what I had was defective but I never received anything that would work well with my server. Spectrum seems to still have the best solid service when it comes to customer support and helps small businesses to be able to make it. If you have any questions feel free to email me at douglasmv@yahoo.com. Thanks and have a good day. 

3 replies


I was scrolling through the community and this title caught my eye.  Although my experience wasn’t due to network, but how contrasting the experiences are between home and business internet at T-Mobile is astounding.

Frankly, T-Mobile Business Internet is (still) a mess and a joke.

Through my experience, it is straight forward and simple on the T-Mobile Home Internet side to have questions answered, access my account, and to ultimately receive internet.

On the contrary, the business process is a mess.  For one, you work through a representative, which sounds good in theory to have that personal experience; however, that representative changed hands 4 times in the first year.  So, when they "accidentally" sent me 3 boxes and charged me separately for all 3 lines, you would think they'd have documentation and process in place for handing things off when a representative changes.  Nope.  Not at all.  Not only did it require multiple e-mails and phone calls to explain the situation, the previous representative was told to "no longer work my account" by their manager, so they couldn't step in and help if they wanted to (so I'm told).  Just an odd way to conduct business if you want to provide that "personal" touch through representatives.

Adding another layer of a poor user experience.  There is a business support line (which, makes sense as representatives don't want to handle the simple day-to-day things like changing a password), but the issue here is the inconsistency of both sides forwarding you to the other for things that are above a password reset and below needing a new product.  It's incredibly frustrating as a user of this product.

Oh - one more example of how poor the business home internet processes are.  When selling my business and changing hands, instead of transferring the device and my account to the new owner, they sent him a new device and added that device onto my account.  So although I was able to cancel my device, my account remained active receiving charges from the new device they sent the new business owner.  All through this, no communication was received on my end.

It's just shocking to me how poor the Business Internet process and experience is relative to the Home Internet.  Could not contrast more.

Thanks so much for the reply, I do like the T-Mobile, and I was told that they just done and upgrade or something but the cost for service would be $60 a month. I think he was lying to me not too sure. And some aspects I wish that I would never have given up spectrum so soon. It works don't get me wrong my issue is the upload speed right now. I do know that the standard modems seem to give a better performance. We are working on trying to add some antennas to the device as tech support has told me that they do offer some small antennas that go on the back. They claim they do really well but I would have to contact inseego to get them. My honest opinion is we have too many people on our Network now and it's causing a slowdown. I have noticed that if anyone tries to get service in my area it has risen up quite a bit on the price. I think they are trying to stop people from getting it in our area since the congestion. They will have to add some more towers to the area so we can get the speed we should be getting. I have a T-Mobile worker that is getting a gigabyte of speed at 1 mi away. So I know better speeds could happen. We are in a mobile home but no metal roof or metal siding. If I put it in my camper which is all metal then the service is nearly nothing. Hopefully we can get this worked out soon.

Wow you must have concrete walls or a metal roof or something. I am 1.1 miles from the tower, get 300 download and 70 mb upload on the standard modem.  I know they stopped carrying the business one you mentioned, now they have the Enterprise grade gigabit clas Inseego 3100FX wavemaker.  It is a very impressive piece of equipment. I don’t require a static IP so I decided against it, but my friend owns a coffee shop and offers free WiFi to all of his customers and it works great.  It sound like you have something preventing that upstream, although it’s very strange that you get good upstream from Spectrum because their max is 25-50 on a good day in a neighborhood where no one else has spectrum since every single customer shares the same bandwidth on their network. My T-Mobile internet gets 70 mb upload on a regular basis and 250-300 download consistently. I NEVER got over 30mb upload on Spectrum’s slow internet. Constantly had dropped calls. I stream constantly, do conference calls, work from home on a bandwidth sucking VPN and do quite well with my T-Mobile and leaps and bounds better customer service if you need it.  And  so to anyone that read the above post, it’s just like anything else. Peoples results will vary and some folks will get better service from T-Mobile and others from spectrum. Depends on where you are and a number of other factors. My location I am lucky enough to have 3 options:AT&T Fiber, spectrum, T-Mobile and I guess I could also get the Verizon internet but anytime someone that has Verizon comes by they complain about not having service at all so I haven’t risked that option. Perhaps there are locations where it is good also. The point is, had I never tried this internet I would’ve not gotten it because of your review and I would still be getting ripped off for fiber at nearly 4 times the cost from a company that is constantly increasing my price (as the wired carriers constantly do) and I would’ve lost hundreds of dollars in savings on a service that for me does the exact same thing that the fiber did equally as well and without the interruptions of fiber.  So hopefully someone will read this reply and try it out and save money for themselves and if it doesn’t work well for them guess what they can cancel it.  No biggie.   Note:  I am also not trying to run a server at my location, but we do have two WOrk from home and at the same time plus the tv never turns off and an Xbox every night, use nearly 3 terabytes a month. On the standard modem. With zero issues.  For $40 a month with my discount for having wireless bundle.