T-Mobile Business rep without knowledge caused customer switch


Since T-Mobile doesn’t have Customer Relations email or way to connect with them, I am posting my story here.

I have been with T-Mobile 17 years, starting with one line and go into multi-line family plan. Recently, I have decided to switch Business plan and add 2 more lines. T-Mobile doesn’t have ability to setup plan online if using company tax id, I had to go through Sales Rep. After talking to rep, I expressed my desire to get a 5 line Business plan, but transfer 3 phone numbers from my current personal plan. I also said that I am looking for a specific offer online ($36/line for 5 lines). Rep explained course of actions as setting up business account with one line and transferring over rest of lines once account is activated. Getting SIM card and activating account took less than 24 hours and next day I called Experts (as suggested by Rep) to do the rest of the process. I have repeated my intentions and even walked Expert through T-Mobile Business website to confirm the prices. It took about 45 minutes on the phone to get lines moved over. When everything was set and done, I went to check and to my surprise I have been setup for $150 2 line business unlimited plan + additional $35/line for other 3 lines. I called back and after explaining and holding for 30 minutes received “We can’t give you advertised plan”. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but supervisor wasn’t willing to help. After that I tried another 5 times, but keep getting Central America representatives which were reluctant to help and understand.

So at the end I went from having good Personal plan to very horrible business plan. I contacted my rep about it and his response was basically “Unfortunately, the $36 per line price is with a new line promotion. The one line you added would qualify for the discount, but the 4 you are migrating over will not qualify.”
He (Garrit Enoch) knew I was looking for $36/line plan, but instead of suggesting getting plan with 5 lines right away and requesting phone number transfer he suggested line move.
Because ignorant T-Mobile rep like that, I will be switching to another provider as I don’t see the point of paying over what other major providers cost and allow T-Mobile mis-advertise their offers in order to lock customers into more expensive plans.



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I don’t know about that what they are lying or not? But here is the unlimited data cost offer they are giving and if you want to know about the cost than please let me know.


Thanks for the link. Very reliable source especially after reading about "MaGNeta" plans. Should join T-Mobile team if you have not yet.