This should be a consumers just class action law suit

  • 20 November 2023
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Honestly I'm not sure where to begin. Selling, leaking my personal data, stalking and violating FCC privacy rights. I found out T-Mobile was allowing "third" parties to just go unrecognized under there data base for call list as I went to pick up my phone log and saw all the calls by the government entity and others shall I say impersonating. Now to make a claim as they have went on 4 months making excuses and lying to my face, refusing to help or provide service. Unless you count the fact all they have to do is make sure your service is connected according to them. They care less to take accountability for sharing information to control and invade the activity on the phone by not the owner and continue to allow this.  I have only been with them for about 7 months now it is still not been resolved and they just keep raising my bill after being told my bill would start to go down as it gets"  credit" for what was supposed to be free with promo. I'm tired of being token advantage of and I demand a full refund and right to sue as infringement was allowed due to third party getting access to data on phone as well as all my personal private information not consented to carrier to obtain nor sell nor anything without my permission. There are clauses that protect consumers from such unfair deceptive acts as well as individually. So , once again T-Mobile refuses to admit these violations or resolve consumer issues.   Good luck ppl these ppl suck!

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