Unlimited data T-mobile

  • 27 April 2022
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Cost of data bundles offered by T mobile:

There are several data bundles offered by T mobile. You can choose as per your need and budget. Essentials: It is for $30 line per month and offers a basic data package. It will cost $90 per month on Autopay for 3 lines and the 3rd line will be free. Magneta: This data bundle is for a $40 line per month and this offer covers many services. On Autopay, it costs $120 per month for 3 lines and the 3rd line will be free. Magneta Max: The data bundle will cost you $47 line per month. This will cost you $140 per month for 3 lines on Autopay and the 3rd line will be free.


1 reply

They say mobile data and you have unlimited but the minute you have no Wi-Fi you have no data. My Bluetooth hearing aids require mobile data on or off WiFi it is impossible to use my expensive aids with these people it snaps in and out all the time. What a lie, their device, their plan biggest mistake I have ever made going with them. I get the oh we are still dealing with old Sprint towers. I call BS on this it is an internal problem not a consumer issue.