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  • 13 April 2023
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I have been unable to view and/or download my itemized bill for the last two months.  As my bills have been $30+ higher than previous, I want to know way.  Several calls to CS!  Offered to email me the bill - which wasn’t send.  Second time I asked, I received a total owed of my current plan and equipment, not anything itemized to detail the additional charges.  I was given a new weblink for my business account and it’s “under construction, check back in 24 hours” - same result everytime I check.  I had a CSR tell me today that the charges are valid.  What?  

I also found out today that there is NO LONGER a corporate office to escalate issues - it was closed in 2021.  So, the lady that answers the corporate phone number will only be connecting you to a CSR or a DTE (dedicated t-mobile expert) which I could have done by dialing 611.  She won’t tell you this information unless you ask.

After this notice, I am filing with the BBB, FCC and the Attorney General.

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