Amazon Firestick is Choppy. Not streaming smoothly

  • 3 May 2023
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Perhaps I originally posted this in the wrong group.  so, I’m posting once more in here in the Streaming discussion.

All my devices work well with the T-Mobile home Internet.

However, my Amazon Firestick, running Amazon Prime Video, is choppy.  Audio and video do not sync up. Streaming starts and stops.  Other services appear to work well through the Firestick (Netflix, YouTube, etc.).  Although, there is sometimes a delay in moving through menus 

Streaming Amazon Prime Video on my laptop is not a problem at all.  Streaming on tablets is not a problem at all.  Amazon Prime Video only seems to have a problem when streaming through my Amazon Firestick.

1 reply

If multiple devices are connected to the same network, it could cause network congestion and affect streaming quality. Try disconnecting other devices and see if it improves the streaming quality.

So kindly check this as well.