Enabling other phone in my account to use Netflix without giving login and password

  • 12 August 2023
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I have 2 phones on my TMobile account. the account also has Netflix standard, enabled for 2 streamers. 

I can login to my Netflix account using my phone… no problem.

So now, I want to enable the other phone (an iPhone 14), that’s in my account to be able to use Netflix as the 2nd streamer. 

When the Netflix app is started on the other phone, it prompts for a login.

Question:  Can I enable that other phone WITHOUT having to give my Netflix user account and password??  I thought that the app would just show a number I can validate to enable the 2nd phone.   

3 replies

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Each user in your household must login to Netflix with the same userID and Password. 

You can assign a Pin number to each profile that must be entered to access the profile.  A second user would need to know the Pin number assigned to your profile to gain access to it.


Perhaps your question is more related to activating a new device than for logging in. I believe that what you described is presented when you activate a new device like a second phone.  But once it has been activated and automatically logged in, I believe you will need to enter userID and Password each time after signing out of Netflix on that device.

I want to use my account at school. what are my username and password 

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I want to use my account at school. what are my username and password 

No one here will know so you need to contact the account holder.