• 4 January 2024
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I’m glad they are adding Hulu. Great idea but downgrading our Netflix to ad based version is BS!! We’re getting ad version of Hulu. One should stay ad based and the other no ads!!! We all need to stand against this capitalism and threaten to leave for changing or Netflix!!

6 replies

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helps to do a tad bit of research before trying to round up the troops…


“You currently have Netflix ON US included in your plan. Netflix recently updated their subscription tiers, you’ll now receive Netflix Standard with ads, providing more features and benefits to you. This benefit will continue to be ON US ($0). There is nothing you need to do. This change will take effect between January 25 and February 1.”


and knowing is half the battle ;-)


but hey..take that stand… make sure to REALLY lay into that TMO agent though..



I did read the terms. I wouldn’t have made that comment without reading the terms. The current non-ad version of Netflix on them will be downgraded to an ad version. While we will be getting an ad based version of Hulu on them. Maybe you should learn how to read!! 



Also Netflix upgraded their sub tiers 6 months ago that’s not recently 😂 

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and yet it literally states who made the change in what you posted..the same exact thing i posted...even put the important parts in bold for you


but you are correct..Netflix DID update their tiers a while ago..which might be a shocker but now its starting to hit the carriers that offer it to their customers. ergo your notification

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I tried Hulu with ads last year and you get ads, lots of them.  This is nothing which excites me to forgive them from downgrading Netflix.  I will be contacting support to get a better deal to compensate for the expense of paying for ad-free Netflix.  

We currently are subscribed to both Hulu and T-Mobile.  My subscription to Hulu is with ads + Live TV + ESPN+.  If I go with the new T-Mobile/Hulu plan, will my Hulu package remain the same or will it be downgraded to some kind of lower plan?