Hulu App on Apple TV with iCloud Private Relay

  • 4 June 2022
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I recently starting trialing T-Mobile Internet.
Thought I would describe one issue I encountered in case it might help someone else.
When attempting to use the Hulu app on Apple TV 4K with most recent tvOS, the Hulu app 
asked if I wanted to change my Home location. I clicked Yes, however the change never made 
any difference (I’m not sure it actually changed anything). Contacted Hulu. Initially they were pretty
lost as to resolving the issue. Called back the next day. This time I spoke with someone who 
had the appropriate skills. First I needed to turn off Private Relay. This allowed the Hulu folks to
acquire the correct IP address for the Apple TV. They then sent a Home Location change to the app.
(I suspect I might have been able to do this myself if I’d turned off Private Relay). That change allowed
me to login to Hulu. Live TV worked fine. I then turned Private Relay back on. Restarted the Apple TV and Hulu app. Everything is working fine. 

fwiw, the Hulu rep who ended up helping me said the Hulu apps for mobile devices are not sensitized to 
location information from the ISP. The app on Apple TV is sensitive. The Hulu app was receiving location information from T-Mobile indicating the Apple TV device was no longer in its original location.

1 reply

I had the same issue last night. I could log and all was well on my iPhone and MacBook Pro. However the Hulu app on my Apple TV 4K and Roku Premiere wanted me to change my home location. Tests on ipchicken and speedofme showed that the apps thought I was located north of Chicago when I am actually 150 miles south of there. It took just over two hours on the phone with Hulu to get to the point of them figuring out that turning off Private Relay allowed the Hulu app to see the proper IP address on both the Apple TV and Roku devices. All good! I have not tried turning Private Relay back on but will do so later this evening.