Netflix and Hulu

  • 26 January 2024
  • 3 replies


Great, now T-mobile is giving me another perk. Going to give me Hulu with ads with no way to upgrade to Hulu without ads. Who wants that? And next, T-mobile is dropping the perk of Netflix with no ads down to Netflix with ads and going to “allow” me to upgrade for $8.50! Maybe it’s time to start looking elsewhere for cell service

3 replies

Agree.  It's absurd.  Why prevent the previously available options?  Simple.  It's to prevent people from using it.  Hardy rocket science.  


Booo 👎👎

Dont worry the huluonus is a complete flop.  The promotional code does not work. 

It clearly says its for Magneta Max or Go5 plans. 

People signed up on the cards and now will be billed 9$


not to mention the selling of data that just went through with all this

When I log in my account I don't see any Netflix or Hulu for redeem. I been having this issue since November for Netflix and now Hulu. Tmobile is broken with bad customer service.