Trouble creating MLB account

  • 31 March 2024
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Hey! TMobile is giving away free MLB access.  The catch is that you have to register by April 2nd. I keep trying to create accounts on MLB (have tried multiple browsers and my IOS and it’s showing errors. 


Has anyone found a work-around?

5 replies

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Download the MLB app to your iPhone.  Create your account there.  The offer in T Life should automatically open the MLB app.  Once you have successfully created your account, you can login anywhere including the MLB.TV app on your streaming device.

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I needed to change my password to sign into my account.

I was told I have until April 2nd to create my free time mobile MLB account and today is infant April 2nd and I am unable to register. It says I missed the cut off. 

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The offer expired at 4:59 am EDT on April 2.  
There might be another offer later in the season. 


l think l was able to get this but l can’t watch ANY games!