attaching a lanyard to the tracker?

  • 27 November 2023
  • 3 replies


How do I attach the lanyard to the synchup tracker?

3 replies

Hello … okay so 1st squeeze the string strap in a pinch like way to slide it through the hole on tracker until it’s through completely then just loop your big strap part through the string strap part … 

It was so difficult. But I finally got it though the holes by  poking it through with a bent Christmas ornament hook. You could probably also use a paperclip, but I was trying to find something very thin. There should be better instructions in the packaging. 


Here’s an easy way:

  1. Get a piece of string - ideally, thin nylon string like for a fishing line.  
  2. Thread it through the hole in the tracker.
  3. Push it through the lanyard loop.
  4. Thread it BACK through the hole in the tracker in the opposite direction.
  5. Pull on the 2 nylon strings together to pull the lanyard through.



If you don’t have nylon, any kind of thread ought to work - you may have to double or triple it up if it’s just sewing thread.

If you have one of those thin metal needle threaders, like what come in hotel sewing kits, that MIGHT work.