DMCA international law violations

  • 25 February 2024
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I'm the head account holder of my account and I've been trying to secure my company maga data and gateway traffic from being compromised by hacker.


At this point all my calls to tec support haven't fixed the  problem and my device has 8 or 10 VM machines attached to it's IMEI witch is 352695103138427 .  At this point my organization losing a million a day .

I need a CEO and a crisis team to meet me at my appt off 9400 Ranier Ace S Seattle WA 98118 to help me fix this issue also if T-Mobile wants to figure out where the breach in data coming down it's original leak starting in the UN in witch the president of UK stole a VM network from president Putin that my organization I own gifted to president Putin administration 6 years back. That same VM bank in question was developed of a Samsung Galaxy device. The company called @sonofrangerllc Twitter.

The president of UK was infact in direct violation of the DMCA law . And because he not only stole the platform he  did so in public abd on social media in which the hacker that been blocking my organization media data know all to well . But has been withholding e witnesses information from investigator and from the white house . It's is my responsibility to tell the truth to save lives it is also my responsibility to open up what ever channel I deem fit to draft another peace Treaty and to ask for the UN peace contsale to return my network back to president Putin administration ASAP because in fact I speak for Russia and do claim half ownership of that cloud and that DMCA has no authority to claim that billion Peace Treaty platform . As well for the UN to wage war on Russia because they . To be continued.

T-Mobile I apologize for invading you get on this matter and when history tells the story it will say in the beginning the mission was peace. But with misinformation and a election year that mission got clouded. 


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