linkzone II problem

  • 31 July 2022
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I have 2 wifi internets in my house,  mofi router and mimo antenna,  and a linkzone2 hotspot,  

My problem is that 2 programs that I use a casino online game and Amazon glow, glow is a program that allows me to play games with my grandson over the internet.

Neither of these work on the linkzone2,they will not load,  they work fine on the  mofi.

Linkzone hotspot works fine for all other things just not them 2 programs, which leads me to believe my hotspot is blocking these programs. 

Both wifis are T-mobile, which leads me to believe its not a network problem. 

These programs will not load on my wife's or my tablet or desktop, which leads me to believe its not my equipment. 

So how does the hotspot block these 2 programs,  I have spoken with Alcatel and the tech didn't know squat,probably a language barrier.  I see no log files in the linkzone hotspot to tell me why.

So looking for someone to help me with this problem, any help would be appreciated. 


1 reply


Update,  talked with mobile citizens tech, had me change apn, though didn't work right away, but next day both programs worked,  so either apn fixed it or they did something there that I'm not aware of.