My cellspot not connecting

  • 25 June 2022
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I looked over the internet to see if there was something i was missing. I just upgraded to the v2 as the original cellspot stopped working 6 months ago ( just green power light nothing else)


The new one started with green flashing power and amber flashing internet. I had originally setup through my archer ax21 router but after two days switched to plugging directly into the modem. (a tplink tc-7620) and plugging the router into the lan port. Now i have green flashing power and solid amber internet led.

I called customer support and that was fruitless. After 20 minutes of telling the person on the phone that she doesnt have a script for my question she checked with her colleagues and told me that xfinity comcast doesn't block customers ports. ( Not entirely true as there are about a dozen ports they do block that started way back with the sasser worm iirc). 


I have tried various port scanners and the results are mixed but it seems to say that the ports are open but filtered? No explanation of that. 


I have cycled power a bunch of times and have tried resetting the cellspot a couple of times. 


Does tmobile have a port testing site that they recommend to see if i need to confront my ISP at a higher level?


Thank you





2 replies


Hi Thanks for raising this issue . I was facing the same issue in my mobile and was unable to access the internet when I installed one app related to the wood glue guides. Then I un install this app and start working fine I want to say that Are you have installed any irrelevant app or software which should be irrelevant 

I recently had the same problem. I found out from Spectrum (provides my internet) that one of the devices' access to Wi-Fi was "paused". It was the cellspot device. We unpaused the device and it worked perfectly. 

 Log in, review the devices that are accessing your Wi-Fi, and make sure there are no devices that are "paused," and if so, unpause it if it's the cellspot device.