Nintendo switch wont connect to my Internet

  • 28 August 2023
  • 2 replies


I’ve been having my home internet for a few months and everything is and was great until one day I thought I had to many devices on at once so I went to my tmoblie internet app and looked at the devices I had connected. And at the time I decided to remove my Nintendo switch for the moment, figuring that I could just you know go back on my switch when the time came to reconnect but when I did maybe a few days later and Error code  2110-3127 has be popping up saying Unable to connect to internet could not perform DNS name resolution try again later . Can someone please help me fix this or add my device back to my internet??

2 replies

Did you ever find a solution? The same thing happened to me. The switch always connected fine before, now it won't. I think I might have disabled it last week when I wanted to close some of the things that were connected. I've called t Mobile and Nintendo and neither had an answer.

Ok if anyone is having the same problem, here is the solution. I initially talked to t Mobile about how the switch wouldn't connect to Internet, and were made various changes etc, but after exploring many avenues no solution. He told me to call Nintendo. I did and spent over an hour on the phone with Nintendo. Again trying lots of different changes, etc and nothing worked. The OP of this question got me thinking. The switch had been "unchecked" in the list of devices in the t Mobile home Internet app. Called t Mobile back again and discovered the only solution was to reset the home Internet device back to factory settings. This did the trick. I can connect the switch to the Internet again. The app really shouldn't have let the switch become permanently unable to use the connection, but somehow it did. At least the problem is solved now.