No home internet when using 4G LTE Cellspot which connects to the wifi modem

, i have the 4g lte cellspot and i connected it to my internet, when i connect my tablet to my wifi it says its offline. is it the cellspot eating up my signal? am not sure how cellspot  works, but how can i use my wifi at home to watch nextflix from my tv or tablet and still have the 4g connected, without using hotspot from my phone to hotspot the tablet or tv, actually using my wifi prior to connectong the cellspot. Also i have to say i have a survelliance system that uses my home wifi, but its no longer working after i connected the 4g cellspot, can i just disconnect the cellspot cablet from the wifi ethernet port when i want to use the internet at home, or would that cause a problem, i ask because i kinda tried to, for a little bit, but *i was still offline when connected my wifi and my phone lagged when loading a page on its regular mobile data, got scared that ive messed it up, so i plugged the ethernet cable from 4g cellspot back into the wifi modem. Any help would be appreciated in the most basic way possible am not too much tech savvy.



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Hey there! I know that home networks can be confusing even to those that are tech savvy. If you have our LTE cell spot (the device that allows you to get full signal in your home) the best way to integrate this into your existing network would be to simple plug an Ethernet cable from one of the 4 ports (labeled 1-4) on the back of your existing Wi-Fi/modem into the internet port on the LTE cell spot. This way, you can continue to connect your devices to your existing Wi-Fi network and your phones would simple pick up the coverage from the cellspot.

We have a super helpful set up guide for the cellspot here that I highly recommend checking out. Wi-Fi CellSpot Router setup  

I experienced the same issue at home, have been trouble-shooting for the last few days with no success. I set it up exactly as instructed, it messed up my home wireless network - chromecast, Amazon Echo dot, laptop, ipad, iphone internet connections. The only steady one is the desktop that has a land connection. It sounds so good on paper, but in reality, it is just more frustration and my hours of trouble-shooting and getting services intermittent. I decided to unplug it. It is not worth the pains!!!

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Oh no! I am sorry you had so much trouble setting up the cellspot! Did you ever get a chance to contact our tech support folks while you were setting the device up? They can ensure everything is plugged in correctly so that your other devices are not impacted.

Hi Chris,

I had to unplug Cellspot to have my home wireless service back. I made several phone calls, every time I got cut off in the middle of the conversation with the support. The options so far I got is: 1. the device may be defective, T-mobile will send me a new device. 2. contact Verizon to see if their router has a problem. These are not great choices. I never had any problem with Verizon router, it's been in service for many years for us, occasionally a reset solved any issue we have. Why should I bother Verizon with a T-Mobile device?? The Cellspot device I got is brand new, I was able to get it to work (3 bars for T-mobile), all lights light up, service good, but at what price? My home wireless is broken. This is super frustrating!

I called T-mobile four or five times today already, every time got cut off in the middle of the conversation with the support. I am at a loss!

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I have no idea why the cellspot would cause your existing WiFi to fail. The cellspot is a pretty simple device. If you have your cable line coming in from the wall going into your VZW modem and no T-Mobile Cellspot in the mix, everything is fine. If you take an ethernet cable and run it from one of the ports on your router (not the internet slot) and run it to the blue internet WAN port on the cellspot, it will have internet access just as if you were to run a line from the router to a PC. That is all the cellspot needs to function. It does have its own SSID but you do not have to connect to that WiFi with any of your other devices.

I have the same problem, and I get the same answers from T-Mobile. It seems the choice is to either get better phone coverage but no wifi, or wifi but poor phone coverage. Have spent hours with T-Mobile trying to resolve this without success.  Our old T-Mobile Cell Spot/Router worked perfectly, but we had to return it when we switched from myself as the account holder to my husband. T-Mobile could not handle just switching the device from one account to the other (same address, same people, same phone numbers, just a different main account holder). 

T-Mobile no longer carries the combined Cell Spot/Router and instead offers just the Personal Cell Spot, which only enhances the cell phone signal. We had to get a separate router from our internet provider and that does not talk to the Personal Cell Spot. Very frustrating. Our router has multiple connection ports but only one Ethernet port. If we hook the Ethernet wire from our modem to the router, we get wifi, but that requires us to use one of the other ports to connect to the Cell Spot, which causes the Cell Spot to fail. If we hook the Ethernet wire from our modem to one of the other ports on our router, and then hook the Cell Spot to the Ethernet port on our router, then our wifi fails.  This is clearly not acceptable.  Help!!

I am having the exact same problem and am trying to work it out with tech support! Unfortunately I had unplugged the cellspot to verify that it was causing the interference with my home wifi and had to hook it back up and wait for it to set back up, tech support is supposed to call me back but so far I haven't received that call back!

Were you ever able to get this problem resolved? I am experiencing the same!!!

Tmo is straight garbage. They have grown to big, too fast. Used to be a decent service, now it's just another AT&T. I just dropped them because of their "kick the can" tech support regarding a cellspot. Not interested in scripted answers, especially when I have 20+ years of networking experience. Pound sand, new AT&T.

I’ve been trying to resolve this problem for months now. My phone works when the cell spot is connected but the other devices in my home have no internet. customer service doesn’t know how to help solve this, I’ve called several times.  First solution was to send me a new device, i entertained that knowing it wasn’t going to do anything, same problem exists.  Anyone able to help?