Remove old SyncUp Watch

  • 12 December 2023
  • 3 replies


I had an old SyncUp watch on my plan that I no longer want to see. It shows as offline in my house. How can I just un-sync that watch from my app? 

3 replies


From the SyncUP KIDS app, tap on the old profile. Select the menu (3 lines at the top right-hand corner). Tap the edit icon next to the profile picture. You should be able to delete the profile on the next screen. 


figured it out, though its not obvious, and it was nice enough to unpair the new watch when i did it. they REALLY need to get these things set up better.

Can't see the option to remove my nephews. My brother added me as their guardian while he was out traveling, but it's not needed anymore and I can't remove them from my notifications or account.