Synch-up airplane mode not helpful!!

  • 16 December 2022
  • 1 reply


I use this watch to be able to track my son’s location when he’s outside playing, on school field trips, etc. Airplane mode was just enabled on his watch. THIS IS NOT A HELPFUL TRACKING DEVICE IF I CANNOT DISABLE AIRPLANE MODE FROM MY APP. God forbid something bad happened and a person took his watch and put it on airplane mode, I can no longer contact him, or him contact me, or even track his location. I feel that Airplane Mode should be something that is a.) controlled by the app, or b.) removed from the watch completely. The sole purpose of this thing for me is tracking. Suggestions???

1 reply

You can disable this mode through the app.  I just did it with my daughter's watch that I set up last night.  However, when I got my son's today and was setting it up I can't seem to find it again lol.  But I know I did it, so it is possible!  That way kids can't accidentally or not accidentally put it in airplane mode.