SynchUp Kids watch can't send outbound texts

  • 28 January 2022
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I purchased a SynchUp Kids watch for my child.  It worked fine on the first day but seems to be having issues sending text messages after receiving an update on Jan 25.  All other functions are fine (inbound texts, inbound/outbound calls, GPS, etc.).  After contacting support, they confirmed that it is a known issue, and their technical team is working on it.  They could not give an estimate on when it would be fixed. 

Anyone else having this issue and vague response from support?  It has been about 3 days since I opened the case.  I’m also a little disappointed that I will need to call back in for updates.  I would think that the support team would at least reach out or be able to provide more information.  I’ve only unfortunately been able to speak with level 1 support who does not have much information.

3 replies


Hi, sorry for the experience you’re having. Have you tried to restart the watch? Do you see the issue with sending text messages to certain contacts?

if the issue persists and you don’t hear back from Care, please send a bug report through the app. You can do it by going to Settings → Report Issue or simply share your phone with the app open. If you end up doing it, please mention in the description that you’ve already reached to the support.


SyncUP KIDS Team


Thanks for the response. Good to know that there is a facility to submit possible bugs.  Ended up being that the watch was somehow flagged by the system as sending spam and was automatically blocked from sending messages for 5 days.  The answer from support was to wait for the hold period to expire.

Hi I just bought my daughters watch for christmas and am experiencing the same thing. She is unable to receive text messages. Did this resolve for you? Is anyone else experiencing this?