SyncUp audio messages don't play on iPhone

  • 24 August 2022
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My kids’ SyncUp watches can send audio text messages, but they can’t be played on their grandparents iPhone’s. They work on other iPhones and on Android phones, but for some reason they can’t be played on those phones. The iPhones can play audio messages sent from my Android phone and other iPhones, so it seems like it is something to do with the watches. 

6 replies

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thats my point. if it were an issue on the watches side then it wouldnt pick and choose which devices it’ll work with or not..its gotta be something that is either needing to be added like the app you mentioned or something that needs to be allowed on the watch/account side to allow him/her to contact the grandparents. like allowed contacts.

He did save my son as a contact, so that isn’t it. I’m still searching! I wonder if my dad needs to download the app or something? Because looking at this thread, the parents who have the app are able to open the voice memos, but grandparents are not. My Dad’s iphone is newer than mine and it’s up to date with his updates, so that’s not it, either. We also checked that voice memos are toggled “on” in his settings. Very odd.

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might be something his grandpa needs to adjust on his side. or do they need to add them as a known contact or something for the syncup to work correctly for grandpa?


just seems a bit odd that it’ll work fine for most iphones and android phones but not certain ones..wouldnt be a limitation on the watch since it sends fine to other its gotta be something to do with i would think how they have them in contacts maybe?

Has anyone found a fix for this? Same problem- my son’s syncup sends voice memo to my iphone fine, but grandpa’s iphone won’t play them. 

I am seeing this exact issue with my daughter's watch when she sends voice messages to her mom's iPhone. Seems to work fine with my phone (s22 ultra). Has been going on for at least a week or two. Tried restarting the watch, toggling airplane mode and deleted her mom as a contact and adding her again and it still didn't work. She receives the message but there is no play button or option to listen to the message.

I’m suddenly seeing this issue as well. My daughter has a SyncUp watch and has never had issues with other people listening to her audio messages. But today, her aunt, grandmother, and grandfather are all unable to play audio messages on their iPhones. Instead of opening the Messages audio player when they tap on the audio message, it just gives a file description, saying the file name (“audio”) and the file type (“Audio Multi-rate audio”) with no play button.

This is a recent change since none of those people had any issues for the last ~4 months she’s had the watch. I can still receive and play audio messages from her on my iPhone without any trouble, though.