SyncUP DRIVE frustrating limitations

  • 21 September 2023
  • 3 replies


I am one of the many who had the SprintDRIVE and loved it.  Does T-Mobile have any plans for the SyncUP Drive to do the following the SprintDRIVE could?

1.  Have the data in real time, and not this 2 to 3 minute delay we currently see?
2. Support a 2019 GMC Yukon XL .

3. Log onto a website through a computer and download your trips on a monthly basis for business purposes?


3 replies


Be sure to allow “Unrestricted” on androids setting for the app;s Allow Background usage setting.  that shaves minutes off the notifications.  had to find it under Battery Usage 

Bad experience with SyncUp-Drive --  Worked satisfactorily for 5 months.  (A couple of modest issues, like not being able to clear old trips.  Want only 7 days, erase older.)  MAJOR issue started in August with FOUR Engine status codes.  Took car to shop.  They confirmed the same codes with Professional Diagnostic Tool.   Afterwards, reinserted Sync-up Drive.   Never was recognized.  Most recent info (car location) shows still at repair shop.  Still shows the 4 error codes.  Lacks detailed instructions for users who like to dig into the weeds.  TMobile (corporate) Store personal tried to help, discovered internal doct revieling a reset pin.  Tried that, no joy.



I noticed no replies to your question.  I feel the same except i am having on average 30 minute delays from where my car really is versus where it shows on the app.  I have rebooted the phone, removed / added the app, and even removed the device from the car and plugged it back in.  Pretty useless if you can’t see your drives in real time.