SyncUp Kids Watch Hacked?

  • 3 January 2024
  • 4 replies


I received a text message from who I thought to be my 8 year old son. He has a SyncUp smart watch with limited contacts. The message stated “Dad, I need Help!” Along with this message came a Google location map of my son’s location (our home). The suspicious text came in around 11pm local time. My son was asleep and his watch was in another room. I checked and the watch does not show an outgoing text message to me.

Wondering if the SyncUp smart watch was possibly hacked and someone is tracking my child’s location and sending messages on his behalf.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Thanks!

4 replies

I experienced the same issue the past two days with my kids.

Something absolutely strange happened last week with my mom. She received a text message out of the blue by a "woman names Diane" asking if this was Mia? Which mind you is my daughter's name. Of course she didn't answer but it was awfully strange seemingly how my mom is one of my daughters emergency contacts. Shortly after that it kicked her out for the application and she hasn't been able to get in ever since.

I received a text message to my phone from my daughter's sync watch with a message that said "I know who your daughter is and where she leaves, you better be careful with a diabolical laugh"? Did someone hacked her line?

My daughter had a bad experience with this sync watch, that night she forgot to take off the watch and wend to bed. Morning she was in pain on her right arm. This sync watch battery was draining out and burned her arm and made a round spot and now her wrist hurts. She went to school and Even the nurse at school said that it’s the watch that made that to my daughter hand. This is really bad product i can’t even imagine what would happen if it blew or something worst happened.