SyncUP kids watch won't accept incoming calls

  • 30 May 2022
  • 4 replies


Got the watch and set up the app and everything is working great. We added contacts and started testing it out. If a contact is designated as a "guardian" they can call the watch, but if a contact is designated as a "friend" then calling the watch gives an error message saying the number doesn't exist. Texting works just fine, and the watch can call out to any of the contacts, the only issue is with incoming calls from "friends". 

4 replies

I recommend that you send an InstaBug report to that the product team can review the issue you are experiencing. To file an InstaBug report, just open your SyncUP KIDS app and shake your smartphone. Otherwise, open the SyncUP KIDS app and and tap the setting icon (gear icon) on the bottom right, then tap on “Report issues”. 


The “Report Issues” option doesn’t work. I tap on it an nothing happens. Everything else on that pages works except for the “report issues” option…hence I am posting here.

Are you currently using an iPhone or Android device? Please email our team at 


Android. OnePlus 7T.