syncup original crack warranty

  • 27 January 2023
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our 9 year old son dropped the original sync watch yesterday and the screen cracked. The watch will not turn on. tmobile store said they wouldn’t replace it or contribute money to replacing it. TMobile, listen, these are kids wearing an expensive device. This product was made by TMobile. I’m sure this gadget is cheap to produce especially if tmobile is the manufacturer.. Why do you not have more affordable insurance or warranty coverage for a kids device? I’m sure we could easily send this device in and you could easily repair with a low cost. The store said insurance would be $12 a month on this kids watch if we bought it new. After a year, that’s $144 spent for a cheap plastic watch. do you want to keep a faithful tmobile customer or not? You need better coverage for a KID device where KIDS make stupid decisions and the product is made by the carrier. this is insane.

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