T-Mobile SyncUP Kids watch - Powered on but total black/blank screen

  • 11 September 2023
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So my kids watch is working in some respects.  It’s on, I can press the button and touch screen is responsive to some of my swipe gestures.  Also the App shows my sons watch location, I can make calls to it and it rings.

However the screen is TOTALLY black.  In this odd state I was able to power watch off, I pressed and held power button for a long time and I think another menu came up but I could not see it.  A little while later the app advised me the watch powered off.  I turned back on and no change, the watch powers back up BUT I still can’t see the screen.

I THINK he might have turned the brightness ALL the way down rendering the screen completely black.  Horrible design if that’s true because there’s no physical button or quick gesture that I know of to restore brightness. I think I’ll have to take the watch in but has anyone else had this issue?  That’s the only logical explanation I have unless the display just gave up the ghost. But again I can hear a few things on certain swipe gestures which indicates the screen is acknowledging the swipes.

1 reply

I am having the same issues with the sync up phone.  Screen goes black and doesn’t work.  Not sure if the warranty would cover this.