Timex FamilyConnect having problems charging

  • 28 January 2020
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Hello community,

I would like to know if other people is having the same problem.

My kid's watch Timex FamilyConnect is taken each day longer to be fully charged, I mean considerably. I have this one since four months ago and to have full charge from around 20%, it is taken like 10 -14 hours. And despite it is at 100% charged overnight, the charging led stay on red color and the watch is hot; sometimes with a message in the display about hot temperature.

My feeling is that the battery is getting degradase quickly and I would like to know if other parents are facing the same issue?




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7 replies

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Sorry to hear the watch is giving you trouble! If you have not already, we will want to look into doing a master reset. If the issue persists, we may need to look into replacement options with you. Using your Timex FamilyConnect smartwatch for kids | T-MOBILE SUPPORT

Timex watch bought for my daughter doesn’t hold the charge for long. Even when not used discharges continuously. It doesn’t last an entire day and if my daughter makes one or two calls through her watch, the battery goes down like crazy. It is like on a daily basis when I receive alerts of low battery even when the activity tracking is set to a disabled state. Like today, I placed it on charge at 3 PM and now it 938PM. That’s when it showed a 100% when the red right on the career was still on. It took some more time to get the light to green. I believe the battery is acting up. I tried dragging the device like that for the last six months but I guess it is too much for me to keep a track of things along with this charging issue. Need some help from the TMO support team.

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@Abbas you could change the settings to Tilt to wake. If there’s huge drop off on battery life, you’ll want to contact our Care team to look into this further

Hi Mike, Thanks for your feedback. It is already in the same setting since I bought it for my daughter. Still, the battery drains quite quickly.

It is the same. Battery drains in 12 hours even if not used. 

I am unable to find any support :(

My time family connect waych is taking too long to charge.  Is it the watch or the charger??