Tmobile SyncUp Tracker not connecting

  • 27 June 2023
  • 3 replies


About a week ago the battery died on this device. Since charging it I have not been able to reconnect it.

When holding the power button for about 5 seconds the lights will blink red yellow and green for about 5 seconds then stop and display no light. Then when pressing the power button after that will show a quick yellow flash then nothing.

The app continues to say the device is offline.

Any help would be great, thank you!

3 replies

I’m having the same problem. Did you ever figure out what the problem was?

going on two months or more now and my trackers still arent working. T-mobile even replaced them and they wont connect. We tried on 3 different phones and nothing. I think their network is permantely down.

I am having exact same issue, battery went dead 1 week ago and now it will not connect even after fully charged and rebooted. I have two of them and they are both not connecting.