why is my hotspot so slow

I called support about my bill being so high a few weeks ago and the rep that help me removed a few things I didn't need, and now my hotspot is so slow it takes forever to load a page on my laptop. I have tried tethering it to see if it is faster but its just as slow. I have tried all the help steps on the help page still nothing. I logged in on my friends boost hotspot and everything loaded instantly. I have tried calling t-mobile support but it just keeps telling me my number can not be found in the system so i cant even speak to anyone. This is just one issues I am having.


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T-Mobile's regular hotspot is only 70kbps and really does NOT qualify to even being labeled a hotspot.  The old dialup was faster on a modem.  I have a hotspot on Straight Talk that measures over 30 Mbps.  That's really embarrassing, T-Mobile.

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No one likes slow internet! If you plan allows for it and you are in good coverage, you should be getting some pretty fast speeds. What plan are you on and what kind of device are you using? Have you noticed if it is slow all the time or only slow when you are in a specific area?


Hi Chris:

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and I have full-strength signal bars sitting in my home.  There is no way I can even think about using it to run my computer or even my iPad.  I have the 55+ plan with standard hotspot.  It won't work with Firefox or Chrome.  In my opinion, the standard hotspot should not even be called a hotspot as it does not function.  I am in Thousand Oak, California and the phone and data work fine.

I still have my Straight Talk hotspot and I guess I'll need to keep it.  Occasionally I need it to stay connected while sitting an open house that is vacant with no Internet. I am really disappointed.  I just switched to T-Mobile last week in anticipation of a trip to Rome, Italy in July.

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Thanks for clarifying. The 55+ plan comes with unlimited mobile hotspot at "up to" 512 kbps. If you need faster speeds, you can add the T-Mobile One Plus feature to your account for $10/month and you will get 10GB of 4GLTE hotspot data that you can use.


Hi Chris:

I am aware of the One Plus availability.  However, if T-Mobile is advertising that a hotspot is included with the 55+ plan, be real about it.  The highest that would register on the speed test is a lot closer to zero than 512 kbps.  I was not able to accomplish anything with 70 kbps.  T-Mobile should not offer it as it might as well NOT be available.  That is shamefully low and worthless.

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I agree that 70 kbps is slow and borderline unusable. The speeds depend on several factors though. We can take a closer look to see if there is something going on with the network side of things if you contact us. Our tech support team will be able to pull up your account and open up an engineering ticket for you.

hi chris,

were you and doug able to identify the specific issue?

since upgrading from a samsung note4 to a google pixel2, i've had the exact same issue. i've chatted with both google support and t-mobile support to no resolution. each party has laid blame on the other, leaving me in the gutter--overall, a frustrating experience.

thus far i've confirmed with both google and t-mobile support

  • my tethering speeds are significantly underperforming

thus far i've gone through;

  • google recommendation: phone wipe and os reinstallation
    • test if device software is the issue
    • did not resolve the issue
  • t-mobile recommendation: new sim card
    • test if issue is related to old sim card
    • did not resolve the issue
  • t-mobile recommendation: temporary upgrade of plan
    • test if speeds are still slow and if so, then the device is the issue
    • resolved the issue

i have the t-mobile one plan and am located in the main los angeles metro area, so coverage has otherwise been no issue.

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Hey @camanderson

Sorry to hear you are also having this issue. Just to clarify here, temporarily upgrading your plan improved your speeds? If so, what plan/feature did you have before and what did you upgrade to?

hey chris, thanks so much for responding to my query.

my current plan is the T-Mobile One and the upgrade the rep and i performed (i believe) was to the One Plus. as mentioned, they wanted to test whether i would still get a throttled speed, which would indicate that the device itself was the root of the issue. during the time i had the upgrade in-place, the speed improved but after the upgrade was removed the speed returned to its original slow slow rate.

i found the screenshots i took at the time and the captured speeds were;


0.5mbps/0.5mbps - T-Mobile One

54.9mbps/24.7mbps - T-Mobile One Plus

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So we are probably going to want to look at your total data usage from before you added the One plus to the account because both options have unlimited LTE data and the speeds you were getting seem like your data had been slowed down which could happen if you had used over 50GB of data in a billing cycle and are in an area that suffers from network congestion.

hey chris, that's really interesting!

my data usage has been as follows:

APR: not reported yet

MAR 2.5gb

FEB 5.4gb

JAN 6.4gb

DEC 10.1gb

NOV 7.9gb

OCT 8.5gb

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Okay, so definitely not prioritization but could be some sort of provisioning that is stuck. Do you have the One Plus add-on on your account currently or no? If not, are you currently experiencing slow speeds?

nope, i am on the One plan and i'm still experiencing really slow speeds.

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Okay, this is definitely a provisioning issue that we will need to get a support ticket opened up for. This is 100% fixable but we will need to pull up your account to get this started. If you have a moment, please contact us so that our care teams can get the ball rolling on this.

When I first signed up with t-mobile, tethering was provided at full speed.  Since maybe 4 months ago, it seems that t-mobile has made it slow to sometimes unusable. 

My phone can achieve 71.8 Mbps while tethering is limited to .5 Mbps.  I have only used 1GB this month (which is hard to believe given how slow the tethering connection is and I use no data on the phone itself).

Also, lately when I do go over the "unlimited" data allotment, t-mobile actually shuts off my data, even though they call it "throttling".  This is not throttling, it is stopping. 

All this is very deceiving and is not something that I experienced when I first signed up.  I guess that is the down side to no contract.  t-mobile can make changes on the fly.  These changed, in my case, ruined the plan I though I had.

I'm having the same issue.  On the road using the One Plan and my hotspot connection from my Note 8 is practically unusable. 2018-06-28_1000 

I have the same speed. I am on the original ONE Plan with unlimited Hotspot. I don’t recall there being any speed restrictions.  Please verify why I am getting below 520kbps speed on a work horse like my Samsung S9 plus phone tethering off the hotspot of my One8Plus 5G phone. My hotspot speed was better on Sprint and Visible plans before 5G service.  Thank you in advance. 

My t-mobile tethering used to work great and now it’s useless. T-Mobile clearly has done this so they can sell you more crap. I’m thinking of switching companies. This is just like when Apple reduced functionality on old phones to get you to upgrade. It’s a shitty business practice and they got sued for it. T-Mobile deserves a lawsuit also. I used to be able to run an Amazon fire stick off of the tether, playing a movie without buffering. Now I cannot use it for ANYTHING. It’s useless. 

T-mobile’s terhered speeds are abysmal. I am having the same issue. I hardly use it, but now that I need it, it’s useless. SMH.

It should be easier. Add a button to the phone to boost speeds for a price if it comes to that. But when a crisis presents itself and the speeds are slower than a turtle climbing a tree, it adds to the frustration to have to troubleshoot something that should be readily available.


My hotspot is completely unusable 

I get MAX 200 kbps 


I was born in 1979


PRIME CO internet in 1997 

was faster than what I’m getting now 

this is trash and it’s illegal