2g free replacement ordeal..

  • 31 January 2024
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Hello Everybody,

here my ‘free phone story’’

I do not use twitter, Facebook, can’t contact T-Force


Phone: Huawei Coolpad Rogue, first model, 2014

Day of purchase: Jamuary 2014, Walmart Stockton CA

with Prepaid Contract.


Problem:s ‘Free 5G Phone’ messages, a hoax..? (messages 1017 and 2519)

Box of phone says: ‘ 4G capable ‘ not true, fraudulent sale!!

Very slow data for 10 years


For 10 years (yes 10!!) T-Mobile customer service told me, bad reception and slow

data is caused by:

-My area (downtown Stockton, 3 minutes walk from city hall, post office,

train station, court house). 5 broadcast spots within 4 blocks..

- Repairs on T-Mobile broadcast spots

- My SIM card


Last year T-Mobile told me, slow data because the SIM is bad, Need new SIM. They did not tell me

that my monthly fee will go up $5 per month, because of new contract, connected to the SIM.

Reception and very slow data did not change at all..!


In 2022 T-Mobile sent me 2 text message: my phone is too old for new system, I can

get new phone for free. I go to T-Mobile store, they tell me the phone cost $50,

because the free phone is sold out. Also need new SIM card, cost $10.

Not buying it.

Bought 2 phones (used, newer Coolpad versions) and tried ‘Bring your own Phone’

Spend 3 hours on customer service with programming, does not work (gave IMEI and

was told will work). Did not!


In 2023 T-Mobile sent 2 more text message: need new phone, my phone only 2G, will

not work from spring 2024. I can get free phone.


Call customer service early October 2023, ask which phone and if really free.

Answer: Yes totally free, just show your IMEI and the ‘free phone’ message and

get phone without any payment,

I ask which phone? Answer: Different Revvl, Nokia flip, cheapest Samsung a.s.o.


Also: If I pay $100 for prepaid credit, a better phone is available.

I ask, will this change and more phones available.

Answer: Yes most likely, try after Thanksgiving.

I call again after Thanksgiving, no change.

All ‘Free phones’ have high SAR rating and bad reviews.. Especially Revvl..

I call 2 more times, no new phones..

I visit T-Mobile store and show text message, say I want the Revvl phone.

Store salesman says: NO, only cheapest Galaxy is free.


Go home, call customer service again. Representative says: ‘oh sorry, sales man didn’t know,

go there again and if problem, call customer service in store.’


I think. OK just take any free phone, see if it works, go from there..

January 3rd I visit store, they say: Sorry, we don’t have that phone go

to another store (5 miles away) they have it.

I go there, they say: No free phone at all.

All stores T-Mobile stores. Not franchises. (e.g, store 5036)


I call customer service, they say: ‘Oh sorry, offer expired December 31st 2023, 3 days



Last week another T-Mobile text message : Action needed, get FREE 5G phone.. I call customer service (Representative Angela), tell her I received message 2519 and want to know which phone and if free, please pull up work sheet.


She says, ‘yes I have work sheet, is not free, $100 prepaid needed.’

I say ‘are you sure, do you have work sheet?’

She says ‘one moment (did not have work sheet)’ then says she got work sheet, and ‘offer

for free phone expired December 31st 2022. ‘(not 2023, like the other representative told

me early January and not like the sales person in the first store told me)

She asks: ‘Do want me to stop those messages?’ ?!!!!!?

I get mad, ask how long before my current payment expires I can port my phone number

to another carrier. She says 48 hours. I hang up



T-Mobile sold me a phone that is not 4G capable (although the box says so, still got it)

I had 10 years very slow data, called at least 8 times, went on the forum, got

told my phone has a ‘slow modem’ FRAUD.


I received at least 4 different kind of info about ‘FREE 5G phone’

-totally free

-$50 upgrade fee (in store)

-offer expired December 2022

-offer expired December 2023


I spent about 10 hours with customer service trying to fix slow data (not 4G phone)

I spent probably a couple months in time waiting to get connected on

very slow data (still can’t even get get into my email..)

I spent $5 more per month for new SIM with new contract, still no data

I spent 3 hours with customer service for ‘Bring own phone’ Didn’t work, although rep said it will

I spent another 5 hours with customer service for ‘FREE 5g phone’ Constant wrong information

I spent 5 hours going to stores 4 times for ‘Free 5G phone’, which never was...


Does T-Mobile really think they can expect me to recommend them to ANYBODY,

as their surveys ask after each call to customer service…?

Are they going to reimburse me for all that?

Shall I file a small claims law suit against T-Mobile ?


The first series Coolpad Rogue does not offer VoLTE, as far as my research revealed


All I want, is a working phone with a low SAR rating, which will not brake after dropping

it just once (like the Revvls).


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