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  • 16 March 2024
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Hello, I’m seeing a couple of errors trying to use the T-Mobile account portal:

  1. won’t load. When I inspect network traffic, I see an HTTP 500 error with the following error code in the response: “General-1000”. The failing request is made to
  2. When viewing the “Explore Benefits” page (, the page displays a message that says “Generic Error” - I don’t see any failed network requests, but there is a JavaScript error originating from 
    Information from the file:
     *         ============= BUILD INFO ============= *         MFE: Phoenix-platform *         chunkName: clientlib-platform-main/index *         VERSION: f09d160 *         BRANCH: HEAD *         COMMITHASH: f09d160137fe83130afc5f28903fad3b2c073e80 *         LASTCOMMITDATETIME: 2024-02-23T20:36:08+00:00

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