Combine 3 PrePaid numbers in one T-Mobile ID

  • 28 October 2022
  • 4 replies


I´m looking for a way to manage 3 PrePaid cards with one mail address (T-Mobile ID).

All “solutions” I find in the web doesn`t work.

4 replies

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Did you add them to the same prepaid account when you activated the other two or did you activate them as their own accounts?  The T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter should be able to help you get them all added to one account, if that is possible to combine them.  


I buy these cards in a shop, so each of them has their own account. 

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There is none.  Each line has their own number and account.  


Bad news. So I have to use three different mail addresses to create three T-Mobile IDs. 🤦🏻