I can't access T-Mobile Money account due to loss of phone number

  • 17 November 2023
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Phone broke can't afford new one so it won't let me in account without it and I don't have one to replace it either help IDK what to do

3 replies

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Try calling support and see if they can help you or you can call T-mobile money support.

I have the same problem and was basically told, To Bad, So Sad; And that was after i deposited 200.00 is on it


Unfortunately I am familiar with this issue but due to a cyber security stalking matter that this subsequently was more of a cause and effect Fook off.  I fought for two and a half weeks, hours each day with every one of my Banks.. being three total  different institutions with one GD thing in requirement for authentication verification; Another cause and effect from our online animinimity banking with no actual brick and mortors !! BUTTT ...the key to this particular one is that it doesn't matter what email address you have on file and it doesn't matter if you call T-Mobile money, unless you call T-Mobile themselves and you have someone that knows what they are doing.. then you will stay stuck!! Just continue to ask for a higher up management that is able to realize that you must detach your phone number from your T-Mobile ID because the T-Mobile ID is what is attached to your T-Mobile money not the phone number but unfortunately they're two-factor authentication requires you have some sort of verification from that phone number. The only hiccup in that would be is if you do not have another legitimate phone number in which to give the person at T-Mobile customer service, once you find one that knows what they're doing, to remove your T-Mobile ID from the old T-Mobile number and attach it to whatever new number you happen to be using even if it's a Google Voice or VoIP number no matter what company or type of phone as long as it can receive a text message verification code!! Again I fought weeks before an associate jn customer service kindly and calmly .. nonchalant like mumbled, 'she would just move my T-Mobile ID to a new phone number and what number did I want her to move it to?'  Again you do not have to be a T-Mobile customer in order to have a T-Mobile money account! You do not need a T-Mobile phone number in order to have a T-Mobile ID! True words peeps!!!

Now go get them hard earned dollars back.... on the cool, I think it's a setup with one hand washing the other because No one realizes they are 2 separate entities with not even the same common interest at hand, ( those two very clean hands....) but for the interests of the customer!!