Setting up "Bank Account" as an Auto payment menthod

  • 1 September 2023
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Hi There, 

I am not sure if anybody has/had encountered this issue before and I would appreciate any advice/recommendation regarding this issue tat i am haivng. 


As you may be aware, in order to qualify for auto pay discount (based on plan, you may qualify for auto pay discount $5 per line), you would need to use either DEBIT card or Bank Payment as your default payment method for Auto pay. Now i had enrolled for auto payment with my back payment method but for some reason, transcation was declined due bank was not able to clear the payment for some reason (Not that i did not have money in the account but for some technical reason it got rejected from the bank side when T-Mobile tried to process the due amount by using the bank). 

Due to that, I can’t now use that method (It’s greyed out and it says, you are not allowed to use this method anymore). So, I tried calling customer care multiple times and explained this and mentioned that I would like to use different bank for to make payments (Auto enroll) so that i can get Auto pay discount per line. I have 8 lines in my account and you are looking at $40 per month saving. 

But, customer representative were not a tall helpful. I was being told that system put a block on that method and I then mentioned , can you help me to remove that block or escalate it technical department or relavent department that i can speak with so that i can use bank payment method. I dont have debit card but representative was “ you would need to use Debit card and if you dont then use someone else debit card, may be ask around friends, and other family members” . 😧. 

I am not sure, who to reach out for this issue. 


Any help, i would appreciate that! 

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