Sprint customer

  • 7 August 2023
  • 2 replies

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I was a Sprint customer.

I cannot login to the Tmobile website.. i get routed to a Sprint sign in page and it says my account closed after i sign in.

I prefer to use the website to download bills, etc.

However the Tmobile app works fine.


Also I get many ‘timeout errors” on login and this Community.



2 replies

i was a sprint customer and now paying over $300 for 3 lines and I want to add wifi.  I feel like from what i hear from everyone else I am paying way too much.  Can I switch to T-Mobile and get the $25 a line and add wifi. I work from home and I am paying more than anyone I know for phones and wife.  

We don’t have contracts so there is no reason I can’t start as a new Tmobile customer since i was originally with sprint. i was trying to find a live chat so i could talk to someone but im having no luck