tell the truth about your 800 937-8997 automated message

  • 18 January 2024
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My experience for the last 10 days I spent over 2 hours waiting: In your 800 number recorded message

Tell the truth. You can no longer use this as a connection to T-mobile support.

Tell them that the “” is a way to communicate and the mobile phone 

apps also provide a method.  Provide a better explanation of how to use the “chat” option, rather

than being vague about the app. Tell you clients how to use it, or at least provide a video to explain

all of the functions that are available in the app. You have a vested interest in being open and up

front with your clients. And tell them about your website. you might also have info on the website

that leads your clients to places that offer the best tools. Don’t frustrate your clients. Inaccurate propaganda only creates anger and is bad karma. I am certain that there are lawyers who will 

be glad to force you (at their price) to do the right thing.  Just pointing out something for your consideration. Do as you wish. 







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might sound crazy but it would probably help if you actually explained what you are running into instead of stomping around in a can get assistance..the other just gets people pointing and laughing..